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My name is Brandon Bernard. I'm a graphic designer, storyboard and layout artist, and writer. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, and lived in Los Angeles for 12 years, then in Austin, TX, for about a year, and I'm now in Brooklyn, NY. This blog is a virtual scrapbook of things that inspire me. Unless otherwise specified, the work here is not mine. Anything else you'd like to know? Feel free to hit up my "ask" box!


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    Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief, 1955

    (via booklungs)


    Kim Novak in Vertigo.


    Saul Bass storyboards for Psycho


    A new poster for Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins.

    Hitchcock opens on Friday, November 23rd.


    Brilliant! Helvetica pictogram movie posters by Swedish designer Viktor Hertz.

    (via deludedauthority)


    Ones That Got Away by Fro Design Co

    A tribute to the unfinished dream projects of legendary directors:
    Alfred Hitchcock’s Kaleidoscope
    Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon
    David Lean’s Nostromo
    Orson Welles’ Don Quixote

    Submitted by Sara Mae

    (via 4everdesign)

    (via Justin Mezzell / CreativePanes / Daily Creative Inspiration)



    Made and submitted by Mahdi Chowdhury


    Strangers on a Train [1951]

    Email submission from Dylan Salcedo.

    The half-face concept is so hard to do well, but this is creepily effective, and suits the movie very well. I like it!


    The Birds by Shop Reworking Titles




    Polish Hitchcock - Vertigo

    (via fuckyeahmovieposters)


    The Londonist

    I loves me a good Hitchcock allusion…!

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    Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo’s nightmare sequence (1958, dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

    Not to be confused with John Hamm in Mad Men's opening titles sequence…

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