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My name is Brandon Bernard. I'm a graphic designer, storyboard and layout artist, and writer. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, and lived in Los Angeles for 12 years, then in Austin, TX, for about a year, and I'm now in Brooklyn, NY. This blog is a virtual scrapbook of things that inspire me. Unless otherwise specified, the work here is not mine. Anything else you'd like to know? Feel free to hit up my "ask" box!


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    Al Williamson


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    Color Morphology by André Britz

    We had to shoot hand colored fruits for a small installation project. Very impressive how the changed colors are confusing our viewing habits.

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    Ian Storm Taylor:

    When you put pure black next to a set of meticulously picked colors, the black overpowers everything else. It stands out because it’s not natural. All of the ‘black’ everyday objects around you have some amount of light bouncing off of them, which means they aren’t black,…



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    "What I really want is a black with feeling." – Charles Eames

    I’ll give you any color you want so long as it’s black.

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    Simplifying things.

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    Visual Chinatown

    Of Davidope

    This is so far out it’s hexagon, baby.

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    TALISMAN, 30 detail from TALISMAN, 30 detail from TALISMAN, 30


    TALISMAN, 30” x 42”, oil, enamel & shellac on canvas, 2012, by Samantha Keely Smith.

    + detail photos

    zoom in here:

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    Pattern 2 by daniel gies

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    By Ben Patio.


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